Amazing Cat Comics is a webcomic that features a variety of characters that get into all sorts of trouble and get involved in high-profile puns. It is created through a series of dark rituals and various sacrifices.

New comics are added every Friday (for now!).

The Cast:


A cat rabbit thing. I don’t even know anymore.









A sheep. Macy’s BFF/arch-nemesis. Why is she wearing a hoodie if she also is covered in wool? What is wrong with her?









A squirrely guy. Likes nuts. Especially acorns.








Todd’s sister thing.








Sugar Cube

A horrible little cube of maliciousness. Most likely the cause of all bad things that happen in the world.







Mr. Mug

The most handsome creature to have ever existed. Rumor has it that if you are to drink the coffee that is eternally steaming in his cup, you, too, will become handsome. And then die from severe throat burns.